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How to travel with young children?

Are you itching to travel with young children? Well, if this is your case, you most likely wonder how to do this. There is a prevalent story that you can’t travel once you have a child. But we can tell you from our experience this is a false statement! Each parent can enjoy traveling with little ones, from a very young age, with the help of some smart strategies. Read this article to uncover our top suggestions on how to travel with young children!

Don’t overpack! Focus on the essentials!

The first thing you need to do is pack wisely. Think about what essentials both you and your spouse need and avoid packing anything that seems unnecessary. Also, make sure you add on your travel checklist some essential baby or children items.

If you are travelling with babies, our advice is to use the nappy bag as your carry on. Add anything ranging from baby wipes and spare pacifiers to snacks, a change of clothes, few toys to keep them busy and a pillow. Also, it might be a great idea to avoid traveling with a stroller as most travel destinations offer you access to rental places for kids’ hardware.

Choose a child-friendly travel destination!

child-friendly accommodation is the one that offers access to all sorts of amenities, ranging from a baby cot to a nanny that speaks your home language, that can help you manage your stay like a pro. So, consider renting a villa or booking a travel package from an agency. In this way, you’ll get access to top-rated accommodation sites, along with useful information on rental gear and nanny access.

If you are more a city type of family, try to choose a place that allows you to move freely around the city without the need to rent a car. If you are more an outdoor lover, and desire to travel to a remote and quiet area, it is an excellent plan to rent a car during your stay, just make sure the rental agency offers car seat rentals. It will keep both you and your family safe and comfortable.

Ensure your children have their own activities!

All children love playing. Your family trip should include daily dedicated time for them to run around, jump in the pool or interact with animals. Once they’ve had their time, you’ll be able to have yours! Also, nap time can play an important part in a child’s day. Make sure your activities or travel time work well around these special moments. This will ensure that your child is well rested and in a good mood for the rest of the day and adventures ahead.

Don’t forget to rent ahead of your arrival everything you need or make sure someone does it for you!

If your kid needs a stroller or a car seat, it is best to rent these items before you arrive. It can save you a lot of hassle and stress, keeping your children away from getting fussy.

Our tip is to think about the distance from the airport to your accommodation. If it is a lengthy trip, renting a car might be a good solution for everyone. Also, most child-friendly accommodation options arrange a pick-up service from the airport.

Focus on getting to the airport early!

Since you’re a parent, you probably know kids can make you get late in an instant. So, if you aspire to travel with your kids without worries, it is best to arrive at the airport early. Airports are fun places for kids. From admiring planes landing, to tasting new food or playing in the airport playground, they’ll enjoy this time to stretch up their legs, and yours, before the flight!

Final word

These are some of our tips on how to travel with young children. The general rule is to avoid overpacking and carry only the essentials, dedicate some time for children activities and make sure that everything is planned for the well-being and security of your children ahead of your trip. And remember, Eskapers can help you do that and secure your best options for your next family trip!

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